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Cancel Culture's Killing Comedy

A social media mob doesn’t ask for context or intent

-Leo Kearse

I knew from very early on the cancel culture was going to destroy the genre of comedy, because comedy only thrives when the principles of free speech are protected. Comedians have always taken advantage of saying things society deems inappropriate, or what we are too afraid to say ourselves.

Comedians open the floor to difficult conversations. They can make an idea float in the market place of ideas that we may have never pondered due to the stigma attached to the topic. They can tell jokes that can make us see the world differently. Great comedians can pack the truth with humor and force their audience members to laugh at themselves.

People no longer go to comedy shows for a laugh. Instead, it appears people exit their safe spaces to retrieve content so they can illustrate to the virtual world their virtue. Users online can’t wait to express how offended they are by somebody’s joke. Legendary comedian Dave Chappelle received a 35% critic review on Rotten Tomatoes for jokes he told about the transgender community. His audience score, however, was 99%.

Why is speech synonymous with violence? A single word is not going to kill you, and a bunch of words coupled together to form sentences and paragraphs will never alone cause you physical harm. How you feel will always be an extension of you. Unfortunately for you, the world does not revolve around you.

We need comedy, and not just liberal comedy. Comedy has never been a genre for political correctness, so why are many up and coming comedians not that funny? Well, they’re not going to risk their future career in the business for a joke that may force them out of the industry. Instead, we hear many comedians telling the same anti-white jokes in an effort to virtue signal and build their audience on their integrity, not their talent.

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