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FACT CHECK: Republicans DO Care About Children After Birth

Three abortion bans have once again spurred the rumors that Republicans don’t care about children after they’re born. We explored this claim and found that it severely misrepresents the truth.

Twitter’s left and other keyboard warriors repeatedly claim that conservative politicians do not care about children after birth. The claim originates as an attack on Republicans who dare to defend the lives of the unborn against a group of people who believe that murder is a fundamental right. We researched this claim here at The Washington Wick and found that this claim is more false than the narrative surrounding Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill.

Last week, three states signed bills into law that limit access to abortion and create criminal penalties for anyone willing to break the law and murder an unborn baby. Oklahoma, being the most notable, signed SB 612 into law that prohibits abortion after conception, with the only exception being the life of the mother. This set the pro-abortion left into their typical tirades about how Republicans only care about babies while they’re in the womb.

There doesn’t seem to be a politician on earth that cares more about children than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. After signing the Parental Rights in Education bill into law, which is commonly misrepresented as “Don’t Say Gay,” DeSantis stood his ground against Disney and the mainstream media. He was painted as a bigot, transphobe, sexist, homophobe, and every negative term the creative writing majors on the left could come up with, and he never backed down.

As a politician, this is very impressive. The woke mob may be a radical few, but their control of the narrative is undeniable. To protect children from hypersexualized materials in the classroom, DeSantis stood by the parents of Florida and threatened to withdraw Disney’s special privileges in the state.

Ron DeSantis lives in reality. The cold hard truth is that there are bad people in the world who want to corrupt and cause harm to children. We seem to ignore this reality for fear of hurting people’s feelings but, when it comes to children, I personally could care less about your children. There are several cases where teachers have their positions of power to engage sexually with their students. The #MeToo-left used to care about this issue, but it appears to be on the backburner in the “New Normal.”

Removing all discussions of sex from the classrooms, especially from kindergarten through third grade, serves as a safeguard to protect children from these predators. Pedophiles do exist in the world. The idea wasn’t created as a far-right conspiracy theory to take down the Democrat Party. Jeffrey Epstein, who did not hang himself, had an entire island dedicated to trafficking children. Dateline NBC’s Chris Hansen made a career out of exposing pedophilia. Why are we more comfortable ignoring this problem?

Ron DeSantis refuses to ignore the issue, and that’s why The Washington Wick concludes that Republicans do, in fact, care about children after birth.

To better understand why this claim continues to circulate on the internet, you have to understand that Democrats believe that the government should be doing the parenting. Republicans, who support a limited government and more individual liberty, believe that parenting should be left to the parents.

Limited government means limited spending. Democrats promise large spending packages to poor families to secure their votes. The creative writing majors employed by the party market this as an effort to help children. Government, unfortunately, is incapable of efficient spending, and these record-high spending packages are spending our children out of a future.

Abolishing the welfare net isn’t a sign of not caring about children. Forcing families to be independent of the government promotes responsibility and prosperity. The Democrats use our tax dollars as resources to win elections. In return, they want to parent, corrupt, and radicalize your children.

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