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GETTR Becomes Latest Free Speech Platform

You’re never going to be censored or deplatformed or cancel-cultured because of your political beliefs

-Jason Miller

Sit back, relax, and enjoy as new platform that promises to respect the principles of free speech emerges. Launching on the Fourth of July, GETTR’s mission is to fight cancel culture, promote commonsense, defend free speech, challenge social media monopolies, and create a true marketplace of ideas. All of this being said, I had to sign up myself! (@thechadwickpaul).

One of the most efficient ways of defeating cancel culture is allowing the cancelled a platform where they can regain access to the public. When someone is cancelled, they’re typically removed from their position. Oftentimes, liberal social media platforms double down on the efforts of the mob and remove the cancelled for violating their policies. The cancelled no longer have a platform where they can voice their side of the story.

Despite free speech being a human right reserved for everyone, there are people in our country that believe it’s a threat to our democracy. There are people who actually believe that words are synonymous with violence. These people have destroyed the principles of free speech in institutions across the land. After destructing the principles in the real world, the mob made use of social media and weaponized it against anybody who speaks out against the dictated script.

We would benefit tremendously from a true marketplace of ideas now more than ever. We have all these problems we’re divided on. One side seems to be permitted to do more speaking than the other side, but neither sides seem to be making sense. We’ve been made to believe that there are only two schools of thought when there are certainly more options. If efforts to censor and silent speech weren’t present historically or today, we, as a country, would be far more advanced than we are today.

I hope GETTR is successful in their mission. They’re not the first to take this challenge on, but they are the latest addition to a marketplace that demands the ability to speak freely. Platforms like Gab, Minds, Parler, and now GETTR didn’t randomly appear out of thin air. Market research suggests that we the people are fed up with the way liberal social media platforms approach dissent. The people are demanding a marketplace of ideas that is nonexistent in reality or on big tech platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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