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It's In My Mind

If we cannot openly discuss the issues we are currently facing without fear of being canceled, efficient and effective solutions will never be achieved.

-Chadwick Paul

I imagine many of you are tired of hearing me talk about cancel culture, especially with it being a Republican buzzword in preparation for the upcoming elections. With some of you applauding the mob’s efforts, and others denying the culture’s existence completely, I imagine it gets frustrating when another post of mine regarding cancel culture appears in your timeline. Maybe one day I, too, will be cancelled. My access to the public will be stripped, and you will never have to hear from me again. Until that day, here I am.

Cancel culture has destroyed the concept of the individual. Everyone is branded by labels and simply adopt the views associated with their assigned groups. These groups are then weaponized to organize when the culture targets their next victim. People are canceling people they don’t know and replacing them with voice boxes for the dictated script.

Art is dead. The formula for maximum profitability has almost been perfected: Play the same four chords, tell the same anti-white jokes, virtue signal online, apologize when commanded, and repeat, repeat, repeat. Nothing’s authentic, or at least that’s how it seems. With authenticity a distant memory, Pink Floyd’s concept of The Wall becomes virtually a reality in what seems like a virtual reality.

How did we arrive at an entire nation suffering from groupthink? We are far too busy to pay attention. We don’t have enough hours in the day to go to work, enjoy our friends and family, do all the grocery shopping, and chores around the house. Some have to work two or more jobs while raising their children. It’s only natural that we take the easy route and let them do the thinking for us. We turn on our televisions or go on our phones and they’ve already produced mountains of content ready to tell you what and how to think. The problem is, while they’re doing the thinking for you, you’re doing the dirty work. The FBI is literally asking you to turn in your “extremist” friends and family?

Doesn’t anyone find it peculiar that everyone is basically saying the same thing? We’re not coming up with new ideas; we’re creatively rewording failed ones. In regards to art, we’re producing what’s most profitable. Both major political parties have views that are inconsistent with other views present on their platforms. The Republicans believe in a small, limited government, yet continue to support marijuana’s government-enforced prohibition. The Democrats promote “my body, my choice” for abortion but government force for scientifically unproven vaccines. We need to trace our views to the roots of their origins to truly discover whether they’re really our views at all.

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