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Was Cancel Culture Created by Government?

Cancel culture looms around every corner, and if you thin it isn’t changing the fabric of the country, you need to think again.

-Dan Bongino

How many people do you think the government has assisted in canceling? It’s an open secret that the FBI was involved with the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. Today, they don’t need to assassinate you to destroy your livelihood; the technology is far more advanced. Maybe they simply assist or direct the mob in canceling. Maybe they are the mob themselves.

White House Press Secretary recently spilled the beans and admitted that, of course, the White House is assisting Facebook in controlling the narrative. Do you really think a private company is powerful enough to do it alone? Maybe the White House selectively chooses trending topics on Twitter. Maybe Joe Biden personally filters the news before it’s permitted to be posted on Facebook. Whatever is going on, government control of the media is nothing to keep applauding.

The government has driven the COVID-19 narrative throughout its entire existence, you can fact check me on that. While private enterprises are the ones physically removing content, they’re receiving their direction from the big guy. The government has admitted to lying to us in an effort to manipulate our behaviors. For example, Dr. Fauci claimed early on during the pandemic that masks for people were not necessary. He later claimed that he made the initial claim to prevent people from stocking up on PPE in order to prevent shortages for medical staff who may need them. Now, he wonders why nobody trusts him.

Free speech is dangerous to anyone with an agenda. Whatever their agenda may be, they are using fear as a way to get you to sacrifice your rights. They have been trying to get we the people to create our own new categories of unprotected speech for the past decade. They started with “hate speech,” a vaguely defined form of expression not protected in Canada, but remains protected by the First Amendment. Now, they want to label anything conflicting with their narrative as “misinformation.”

There are people who are not afraid to speak out against the government. There are people who are not afraid to risk their entire livelihoods to speak out against the major corporations trampling on human rights for profits. These people have either been canceled, silenced, or killed. People are filling their pockets with your fear that they use what they’ve earned to invest in more propaganda. We need to open our eyes and wake up before it’s too late.

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