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White House Assists Private Businesses With Censorship Efforts

We’ve increased disinformation research and tracking within the Surgeon General’s Office. We are flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.

-Jen Psaki

Breaking news that should shock the senses coming from White House press secretary Jen Psaki simply confirms what many conspiracy theorists already speculated: the Biden Administration is working closely with Facebook the monitor posts in an effort to combat misinformation surrounding COVID-19. Psaki admitted that the White House is in constant contact with social media platforms reporting posts flagged by senior White House staff.

Government employees should not be engaged with practices regulating protected forms of speech. Any public employee paid for with our tax dollars that combs through social media posts to flag misinformation should be found in violation of the First Amendment. They are successfully labeling theories and hypotheses as misinformation, disallowing anyone to further investigate these claims.

The scientific method has been thrown out the window by the same people with banners in their yard exclaiming how real science is. Science allows for somebody to say something completely false. You can suggest that the earth is flat, for example. Instead of deleting your article, real scientists would introduce you to evidence that counters your claims.

They’re labeling incomplete thoughts as misinformation. They’re preventing you from questioning your government and demanding that you, instead, have faith. This is a direct violation of not only the First Amendment, but the principles of free speech. The marketplace of ideas only operates efficiently when we can engage in civil discourse. The truth is, misinformation is far more civil than censorship.

I must ask, do you really believe it’s going to end here? The COVID-19 pandemic almost feels like a trial run for the future, the new normal if you will. They have used people’s fear as a window of opportunity to limit those same people’s rights. They have successfully politicized science, common sense, and freedom. Has the United States ever been this divided?

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