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Why President Trump May Enjoy a Second Term

It is no secret that President Trump is a serious competitive candidate for the 2020 Presidential Election. His current approval rating has dropped to its all time low after the release of the redacted version of the Mueller Report. Even with the drop in his approval rating, he is still the current voice of the Republican Party and is well-liked among his voting base. Whether or not you agree or disagree with his presidency, it would be difficult to argue that he hasn't maintained popularity throughout his tenure in office.

President Trump will likely run for the Republican Party's nomination relatively uncontested. There is speculation of other Republican candidates seeking the nomination, but no candidate would be a serious enough contender to defeat an incumbent President. The primary reasons that Trump will most likely win the party's nomination is because incumbent candidates enjoy free and often press, an understanding that competition within the party during the primary elections may risk the party's opportunity of maintaining the White House, and a visual resume through the media that highlights his successes and failures. Name recognition in a Presidential race is extremely important because it alone generates votes from voters who are uninformed during the the election cycle.

Let's assume that Trump wins the party's nomination; that's only half of the battle. The Democrats will undergo a long and vigorous primary election season resulting in the party's nomination of the Democratic contender that will take on Trump during the general election. The current Democratic primary is overcrowded with 21 contestants. From now until the end of the primary process, 21 candidates will enter the world stage and make their case as to why they should be the next President of the United States. Only one candidate will win the party's nomination. Throughout this process, the candidates will have to engage in debates where they must distinguish themselves as the best contender to take on Trump in the general election.

Overpopulated primaries are never healthy for either political party. They illuminate inconsistencies and problems with the party's platforms and they show how divided the party itself truly is. If every Democrat running for President currently had the same agenda, stood for the same ideals and principles, and had the same goal of promoting Democratic values, then it would be foolish for the Democratic Party to run 21 different candidates. Rather it would be more wise for them to put all of their time and energy into one candidate in order to illustrate that differences from the current President. The number of candidates in the primary election thus far is evidence that there are differences among Democrats and these differences will be hashed out during the long and tedious primary season.

At the end of the season, one Democrat will have been vetted during the excruciating process and result as the party's best choice to take on Donald Trump. The Democratic candidate, regardless of who it is, will be a seasoned campaigner having defeated the 20 others interested in the position. They will have been beaten up and bruised by members of their own party as well as members of the Republican Party, but will prove that they have what it takes to possibly defeat Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election.

So why is there such a high possibility that Trump will enjoy a second term of his presidency? The answer is simple: Democrats have not learned their lesson. Trump is seasoned to criticism. The Democrats ran an anti-Trump in 2016 both during their primary season and during the general election. Trump proved to be successful. There have been multiple media attacks on him, both justified and unjustified, but he has still maintained a relatively impressive approval rating provided the scandals he has been involved in.

In observation of the 2020 Democratic contenders, it is evident that they are again running on an anti-Trump platform, failing to realize that Trump is prone to extreme criticism. If the Democrats do not adopt a new strategy, it would not be surprising if Trump prevails and enjoys a second terms. It appears unlikely that he will lose a primary election to a Republican contender. I personally do not believe that the Democrats in Congress will be successful in impeaching him, so he will almost definitely be seeking a second term. He has been seasoned through the campaign process, is prone to mass criticism, persevered through his scandals, and will not be defeated only by an anti-Trump platform. The Democrats will have to focus on policy and sell their ideals and values to the American voters.

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