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YouTube Hits Back With More Censorship

It is clear that YouTube censored CPAC because we stood with former President Donald Trump on his lawsuit against Big Tech.

-Matt Schlapp

Will liberal social media platforms never learn the value free speech has on society? Following his announcement of a class action law suit against big tech giants that stooped to banning political, former President Donald Trump’s video from the American Conservative Union was removed on YouTube. The group was also unable to stream the Trump’s speech at CPAC.

The ACU’s account has been suspended for a week, but this is not the first time the organization has had to go toe-to-toe with the video streaming platform. A July 9 episode of “America UnCanceled” was removed for violating the platforms policies regarding “misinformation.” The video was packed with medical research from the Smith Center for Infectious Disease & Urban Health as well as Saint Barnabas Medical Center. The video also included Trump giving hydroxycholoroquine a glowing recommendation.

The truth to the American people is no longer important. We aren’t only choosing safety over our liberty, that was the choice being made 20 years ago after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. We’re trading our liberty, education, common sense, and sanity for non-existent security. Again, censorship does not make unpopular opinions disappear. It sweeps them under the rug, presenting them with the opportunity to grow and thrive in silence.

Trump isn’t hiding anything from us; YouTube is. Trump publicly makes claims that he wants you to hear. He’s not hiding in darkness, he’s being forced there by liberal tech giants. Censoring the former President does not conclude he’s wrong, it concludes that the censor has something to hide. The only reason these platforms are getting away with this is because the mainstream media successfully painted Trump as the enemy of the state. It helped that they were able to prevent him from defending himself.

Freedom of speech is going to live on in this country whether you like it or not. You can strip free thinkers from private online platforms, but the First Amendment makes the public square a safe place to exercise free speech. While I don’t believe we should use government force to require liberal social media platforms to host speech they hate, there are other options that should be considered. Gab, GETTR, and Minds would never remove the former President.

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