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The Real History of The Democratic Party

Lets take a look at the history of the Democratic Party. Most will argue that Democrats have the right mindset, however history will show a darker side.

The Democratic Party, being the oldest political party, started with the Federalists. This party contained well known names such as George Washington, John Adams, and Alexander Hamilton. This group favored a strong centralized government and a national banking system which was headed by Hamilton.

In 1792, the supporters of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson formed the Democratic-Republic, which favored a decentralized limited government and became the opposition. This was advised against by George Washington in his farewell address. The power struggle between the two parties largely dominated the early government, but was victorious in the end with the Federalists losing ground and dissolving after the War of 1812.

Fast forward to 1824. This is where you need to pay attention. 1824 brings us Andrew Jackson who had won the vote against four other opponents. Now he only had 99 electoral votes so it passed to the House of Representatives which gave the victory to John Quincy Adams. That was not the last stand of Jackson for the POTUS, backed by Martin Van Buren who helped build the Democratic Party. This backed Jackson and allowed him to triumph over Adams in 1828.

The Whig party came about when Jackson vetoed a bill renewing the charter for the bank of the United States. During this time, the only two parties were Democrat and the Whig Party led by Henry Clay. Democrats held the majority and won all but two elections between 1828 and 1856.

Okay, so during the 1850's, slavery started to become politically talked about, particularly about extending slavery westward. This idea literally split the coalition, with southern Democrats favoring slavery in all territories while their northern brethren wanted every territory to decide for themselves.

Now we get to a touchy area most Democrats will deny ever happened.

The southern Democratic party nominated an interventionist who was FOR slavery, 1860 brought John C. Breckenridge who was supported by all but Missouri, and New Jersey gave a mixture of votes. Northern Democrats favored Stephen Douglas, who also wrote that Lincoln would fight against slavery. This split is what helped Lincoln, who was part of the new Republican Party. This brings us to the Civil War.

The events occurring showed just how wedded to slavery the Democratic Party was, and, as the Civil War ended, the south was owned by the Democrats. The reason for this is due to the Republican Party's protection of African rights.

Things Democrats did during this time:

-Pro-slavery Lecompton Constitution was pressed upon Kansas, -Dred Scott decision, which was designed to propagate slavery everywhere through a constitutional guarantee.

That's just a small list of what they were up to while trying to strengthen and perpetuate slave power. Even the KKK started as Democrat during the second phase of rebuilding after the Civil War, though it is considered far-right today.

These were times when a lot of controversy happened over one simple thing: Freedom. Here we are in 2019, and I'm starting to see patterns reminiscent of what occurred in the past. However, it's on ALL of us to fix this. Always remember it is WE, THE PEOPLE not WE, THE GOVERNMENT, and as that stands everyone banded together during that time in history to put an end to slavery.

Slavery may not exist as it was in the 1800's through to the Civil Rights movement, but, instead today we are all slaves. Black and white only matters to us as the people and the ones in charge view us as all the same. The parties are both degrading further and further from morality.

How long can we stand by while our country drowns? What was once the land of the free and the land of opportunity has become a land of poverty and government assistance. We have let ourselves seep the names other countries have given us. We aren't lazy and we aren't weak, but we are put in this bubble that nobody seems to prosper from. All in all, it is time for a real change, and only we the people can do it. We are America and we shall not go into the night quietly.

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